• 26 Juni 2019

  • Germany wins around 100 new Alexa skills. Particularly in the area of ​​shopping, the number of skills rose sharply.

    The number of Alexa Skill in Germany has risen steadily. In May 2019 about 100 new skills were added. By comparison, in April 2019 only 50 skills were added. At the end of April, the Alexa Skill Store has more than 10,500 certified skills (a total of 10,628 skills on 01.06.2019).

    It’s not just the number of Amazon Echo Smart Speaker sales numbers that has increased in recent months, it’s also the number of skills. Nevertheless, not all categories have grown equally.

    The May analyzes for the German Alexa Skill Store with 23 categories will look like this for 2019:

    1. No category was able to show growth rates in the double-digit percentage range
    2. Total 7 categories with growth rates between 2% -10%
    3. Overall7 category with growth rates below 2%
    4. A total of 9 categories with zero growth or with negative developments

    English Summary:

    The development of Alexa Skill Store in Germany. The number of Alexa skills increased by around 100 skills in the month of May compared to April 2019.

    There are 23 categories for Alexa Skills and the analyzes of these categories for the increase or decrease in the number of skills for the Alexa Skill Store Germany is as follows:

    • No category with double digital percentage growth.
    • In total 7 categories with growth rate between 2% -10%
    • Total 7 categories with growth rate below 2%
    • In total 9 categories with either zero percent growth or negative development. 

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